Isavasyam Idam Sarvam Sarvam Khaliidam Brahmam Sarvam Brahmam Every speck of creation is permeated by Divinity like every speck of milk is permeated by butter. Then why we do not see him, not able to touch him or experience him/her. To bring out the butter in milk certain processes needs to be done. We need to boil the milk and crystallize into curd and churn and separate.

This process in religion is called adhyathmic sadhana. This boiling is the intense desire, adding yeast is the grace of Guru, stilling into curd is stilling the mind and churning it through kavvam (churning stick) of viveka and with the churning rope of vairagya, we separate the karmic baggage, arishad vargas, including ego, then extract the butter of Divinity. First we need to understand God.

He is Nirakara, Nirguna Svaroopa. He is the smallest of the smallest and biggest of the biggest. He is the all pervading cosmic energy and intelligence. He is the all pervading electro-magnetic force. He is the cosmic awareness. This awareness is present all over except it is in different proportions in aspects of creation. This awareness, consciousness is least in inanimate objects, gradually increasing in plants, animals and most in humans in the form of discriminating mind.

Every speck in creation is in its eternal cycle to merge back into its source of Divinity like all the rivers merge into Ocean. Up to the formation of humans, the evolution follows the Darwin’s theory of evolution, the survival of the fittest and through natural selection. This is done through programmed intelligence called instinct. After the advent of humans, a different cosmic law is applicable for further growth of human to Divinity. This is called purification or samskarana through free will, self effort called sadhana. This is because humans, being the pinnacle of creation were endowed with the creative intelligence, energy and sustenance of the creator. He can discriminate and use his free will and follow dharma or go against it and pay consequences.

Through this free will we purge the non-essence, the karmic baggage, arishad Vargas (kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya) including ego. When the non-essence is separated the essence reveals itself as Atman. This gives us vision of Unity and the Visvaroopa Darshan. This is a paradigm shift in consciousness from the world of duality to Unity and Oneness. This is the vision of Unity in diversity. This is integrated vision, Samyak Darshan. The whole universe is experienced as connected web as www, world wide web of awareness, consciousness and divinity. This is Atma darshan. Thus the aberrations created by interspersed lens of maya are removed. we experience the Unity and Oneness that is Divinity.

This is the reason why Sanatana Dharma extols each seeker of Truth to have direct experience of this Unity and Divinity through purity. All the spiritual practices are towards developing this purity. It says that each seeker to be a Moses, that receives his own set of ten commandments, not something handed over by others. Thus it becomes the only experience based religion that is not based on a book or a prophet or a set of ten commandments. It promotes the direct experience of our own true nature, the oneness, unity and Divinity. That is reaching home, the OM.

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