World of duality is the space, time dimension of Oneness and Unity. The worldof Unity is projected through the lens of space and time on the screen of Satchidananda (Consciousness). The world of contemporary reality is the dream (yoganidra of Vishnu) state of Brahman, similar to the dream world we create for ourselves in our dreams.

This Brahman’s (God’s) dream is the world of duality and this process is called LEELA. Just like our normal dreams originate from the memories of sub-conscious mind, this world of duality originated from the desire(wave-vibration-ohm-pranava) of Brahman.

All of creation and it’s contents and inhabitants are part and parcel of theBrahman. Constant Integrated Awareness of this connection to Brahman and the experience of Unity in creation by transcending the space, time dimension is Self-Realization.

Some times we see this transcending (of time and space) process in super-conscious dreams in which we travel into past lives or into future happenings.More about the dreams in Part IV.

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