The Santhanuthalapadu Village



Welcome to the Santhanuthalapadu  Village:

This is an appeal to Santhanuthalapadu  village people, and those who belong to this village and are living outside the village, living within India and who are living outside india for their education and better livelihood, we wish you all a warm success and good health .
Santhanuthalapadu  village is situated in the great country like India and that to a great state like Andra Pradesh. This village is situated in between two towns Ongole and Podhili  ,This is a village full of greenery, water and good agricultural lands.
This village consists of population about 8000 and in this village people living are of different religion ,different caste and different works and they all live in peace , harmony and brotherhood. This village is an example of secularism. This village can be said as pearl of India.

                                   This was done based on the contribution provided by an NRI family and there intention to do some best things for their native place.The Sudanagunta Family is the family which has contributed much for the development of the village. Dr. Raghavendra prasad Sudanagunta s/o Kottaiah Chowdary is the person who had done a lot to the village and has worked out with a specific plan for the building up of roads. Hospitals, schools etc and donated them for the people of  Santhanuthalapadu .

Dr. Raghavendra prasad Sudanagunta a Geriatrician in Lancaster, successful Physician and entrepreneur in Dallas, TX, USA and worked as The President of TANA from 1985 to 1987, and Founder of Sudanagunta Foundation, set up the Foundation in 2006.

Note:        This web site is intended to link together the people who belong to our home village Santhanuthalapadu and living else where.This site is not meant for any commerical purpose.You might want to know what is happening in your home might be wondering what your childhood friends are doing now.How Successful are they in their lifes?.This site is not for those trivial reasons. We spent our childhood there, leading some successful life some where else..,Let us try to do something back to our home village.

Quick Note:
This site development is still in progress, thanks for visiting please find more information on your next visit.

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