BHA (truth) + RAT (lovers).  Here is a country that loves Truth, a country that is based on Truth, a country that believes in Oneness and unity of creation,  a country that points to Unity in its diversity, a country that proclaims “Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavanthu” meaning “May all the beings in all the worlds be happy”, a country that wishes welfare of all of humanity. Indian national emblem has the words inscribed in it “Sathyameva Jayathe” means Truth alone triumphs. Gandhiji called his auto biography as “My experiments with Truth. Lord Vishnu is worshipped as “Sathya Narayana” meaning “All pervading Truth”.

While most countries pray only for their country’s welfare,  Sanatana dharma prays that all the beings in all the worlds be happy. This is the reason why it is said that India is the spiritual heart of this world through its Sanatana Dharma. If the world is a train, India is its engine while all other countries are compartments. In order for the body of the world to function properly, India the heart has to be in good health. In order for the world (train) to move forward India (engine) has to be in good shape.

Then who are Bharatiyas. Truth lovers anywhere in the world are Bharatiyas. They do not have to be born in India alone. Wherever they are born, when they pursue Truth, they become Bharatiyas. They get attracted towards Bharat and its message to the world. While most of the world is Bhoga Bhumi, India still remains Karma Bhumi. If world is a hospital, India is its intensive care unit. One year of life in India is 10 years of experience elsewhere in the world. With all its problems on the surface, deep within there is flow of serene Saraswathi River. Bharath is the Prayag of the world, where diversity merges into Unity.

A visitor to India on landing will be bombarded with the colors, smells, poverty, affluence, density of population, chaotic traffic, honking horns blazing sun,  heat, sweat, dust , trash, mosquitoes, power cuts, loud speakers, wall posters, spittoons of pan, non-functioning queue lines, favoritism, corruption, bureaucracy, lack of respect for time etc. all at once. They immediately feel sorry for themselves and feel why in the world they choose to come to India.

After staying in for few days,  they will come to see a functioning world in spite of utter chaos on the surface. There is what Galbraith described as  “India the Functioning Anarchy”. After staying much  longer the visitor touches the heart of India, which is pure love. Pure connectivity. Those that connect to this spiritual core,  see the true India, true Bharat. A country that has the undercurrent of spirit flowing through every spec of Bharat. That is why it is said to be Punya Bhoomi.

 In Bharat all life is spiritualized. All our samskaras are day to day mundane celebrations,  elevated to higher purpose of life and living. For example Akshrabhyas in all other countries is no big deal. They start with alphabets as a routine. Only in Bharat we start with Ohm Namah – Sivayah. We start the event with primordial vibration of creation. Marriage celebration in most  countries is between boy and girl. After 30 minutes of marriage, the newlyweds leave all the guests behind and go for honey moon. Only in Bharat it is a family affair, community affair and more importantly it is spiritual union of Prakriti (Bride is Lakshmi) and Purusha (Groom is Narayana).  So is every samskara and every  ritual has a higher purpose.

While festivals in other countries mostly except for Christmas, Easter and Good Friday are celebration of historical events like Independence day,  Veterans day, Columbus day,  Mothers day, Father’s day. In Bharat most festivals are spiritualized community celebrations. While samskaras are family celebrations for higher purpose, festivals are community celebrations for higher purpose.  In Bharat Spirituality is the undercurrent like the river Sarawathi. Connecting to this under current is the task at hand for all Bharatiyas. Let us re-dedicate ourselves to connect to this spiritual undercurrent of Bharat on this 64th Republic Day of Mother India. LOKA SAMASTA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU. JAI HIND.

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