“Ahimso Paramo Dharmah”. Non violence is the highest human endeavor. Let us ponder on this non-violence that is praised in the scriptures as the pinnacle of human attitude and action. This ahimsa ia not just in action as most people think, it is also in thoughts and words. Non violence is an attitude before it translates into human action. In order for the attitude of non-violence to take root in our psyche, we need some level of purity that promotes this expansive feeling in us. One has to expand beyond the limited “me and mine”  to include others human and other beings in our body.

Only through this expansion one feels the pain of others,  as pain to self. Thus they avoid causing pain to themselves as a result of causing pain to others. This is “Bhoota Daya” of Buddha, called Compassion. Compassion is a combination of two words COM + PASSION meaning connected expansion. This compassion that reflects in non-violence stems from our spiritual heart (Atman), not from the mind. This spiritual heart is called “Hridaya” meaning Hri = expansive: Daya = compassion. Expansive compassion is HRIDAYA and attitude of ahimsa emanate from it.

This means that it emanates from our core of being, the spiritual heart, the Atman.  This is what happened to Siddhartha when he encountered the wounded Swan, faced with the sick, aged and confronted with death. This was what transformed limited Siddhartha into expansive Buddha that we still cherish.

Each one of us has this expansion potential in us. We have the Danava tendencies on one hand that derives pleasure on hurting others, feeling happy when others are in pain and Manava tendencies of feeling others pain and Devata tendencies of helping others with no expectation of any returns. It is for us to promote what we want to. Our progressive path should vanquish Danava in us ,resurrect Manava in us and promote Devatas in us to reach our destination of Divinity.

Compassion and ahimsa is the state of full expansion of human potential. When this fully manifest in us we become angels walking on two legs and will be a blessing on earth.  The obstacles for this expansion are the layers of arishadvargas (kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsaryas) that cover the Hridaya (Atman). Our task as humans is to flush in good expansive qualities of sathya, dharma, santhi, prema, ahimsa and thyaga and purge the  six enemies that restrict and constrict us. Then our spontaneous inherent nature that is compassion, the attitude of non-violence develops.

Truth in action is Dharma

Truth as an emotion is Prema

Truth as an experience is Santhi

Truth as understanding is Ahimsa

Truth as an expression is Thyaga

This is what Gandhiji practiced and preached and dedicated his life to. He called his biography as “My experiments with Truth”. His discovery is Ahimsa that emanated from his experiments with truth. Let each one of us try to dedicate ourselves on this Gandhi Vardhanthi, to our own experiments with truth and discover AHIMSA in us. The greatest tribute we can give to Mahatma is to make our lives the message of Mahatma. Let Mahatma lives through each one of us.

Sab Ko Sanmathi Te Bhagavan

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

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