All religions are supposed to show the path to Divinity. They are supposed help humans destroy their animistic and demonic tendencies (weaknesses) and promote human values of Love, Service, Sacrifice and Surrender to elevate humans towards union with Divinity. While this is the main goal of all religions, some perverted religious followers use the name of religion to justify their devilish thoughts and actions. While all religions talk about Love, these religious perverts talk and practice revenge, hatred and violence in the name of religion. This certainly is not the fault of religions that these religious perverts do these devilish acts.

Then who is responsible for these distorted ideas of individuals and to their devilish acts. I would say that when a minor child does wrong acts, the parents are responsible and when grown up people do a bad act, they are personally responsible. If anybody uses the name of a religion to justify any barbaric acts, it is the responsibility of that religion to actively denounce and disown such idiotic ideology in a public statement, so that other followers do not do similar acts in the name of their religion.

If this is not done promptly and silence is maintained in spite of barbaric acts in the name of their religion, then that particular religion carries the burden of responsibility for these barbaric acts. They should not be offended if someone labels that religion a violent or barbaric religion. Any religion that keeps silent when inhuman acts are perpetuated in the name of their religion carries the burden of those acts.

Religion thus have a responsibility to actively come out and speak loudly to denounce such acts and detach from such people. Non-detachment from such ideology and people will attach and taints that religion with those acts. Similarly the religious authorities in each religion have a responsibility to maintain the purity of their religions. All religions while they promote values, also at the same time accumulate some dogmas. It is the responsibility of the leaders of the religion to declare dogmas as dogmas and get rid of the dogmas in order to maintain the purity of their religion. This is an ongoing process.

What happened in Hyderabad is a devilish act perpetuated against unsuspected innocent humanity. If the culprits perpetuated these devilish acts in the name of any religion, then that religion should not maintain silence. The religious leaders of that religion should openly declare that these acts are devilish,  barbaric and these acts have no religious sanction. They should discard these people who committed these crimes from their religion.

Silence of religious authorities to these barbaric acts, shall give ownership for these acts and justifiably earn a label of barbaric religion.  If all religions openly and actively condemn these acts and disown these people, less people will commit barbaric acts in the name of religion. This is the least any religious authority must do. They vow this to the society. This is the only way they can maintain the sanctity of their religions.

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