Radha Tatvam

Radha is present in all of creation. It is through this Radha tatva that Divinity is recognized, as air is recognized by the coolness when it touches us. It is also most misinterpreted and misunderstood by most. Divinity is Omni present (all pervading), Omniscience (all knowing) and Omnipotent (all powerful). Divinity is nirakaara (formless), nirguna (attribute less) svaroopa. This is called Sat (Truth). Truth is something that does not change with time and space.

However everything our senses can perceive change with time and space. Does that mean that the changing world is not Divinity? It is also said in Upanishads “Sarvam Kaliidam Brahmam” meaning that all that is Brahmam. This means that the changing as well as unchanging is Brahmam. There is an unchanging principle in the changing and a changing principle in the unchanging. How can it be? You may ask. Just lie the seed is in the plant and plant is in the seed. Tree (diversity) is the expression of seed and seed is the unity principle of the tree. Seed is the Sat and tree is the Chit. Divinity is described as Sat + Chit + Ananda Swaroopa. Thus Chit is the expression of Sat. This relationship between Sat and Chit manifests Ananda. This completes the cycle of Satchitananda that is Divinity.

Radha (love) is the emotion of creation. It is the cement that connects all of creation. This cement is love. Intense love for God is Bhakthi. Radha represents this love, bhakthi. It is the magnetic force in Krishna. Krishna is defined as “Karshatethi Krishnah” the one that attracts is Krishna. This attractive force in Krishna is Radha. Radha is the magnetic and Krishna is the electric force. Radha is the kinetic energy while Krishna is the potential energy. Radhakrishna is the ardhanareesvara swaroopam. Radha is the naari and Krisna is esvara. Flow of Divinity is Dhaara. Flow is the Chit of Divinity.

This is the expression of Divinity like the plant from seed. Sarvam Vishnumayam jagat and sarvam radhamayam jagat. Sarvam premamayam jagat. This dhaaara when reversed becomes Raadha. In Love there is merging and union. In love there is expansion. Radha is ultimate expansion into Kishna. All the gopikas represent this love principle or bhakthi principle. Raasa Leeela is the full expansion love that fully encircles Divinity that is in all. One Krishna for each Gopika and yet One central Krishna. This explains the Poornamitham sloka in action. Putting it mathematically “God is a circle whose center is everywhere and periphery (circumference) is nowhere”. Radha tatva is manifestation prema tatva in each one of us.

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