We take shower every day to cleanse our body. We sleep 8 hours a day to cleanse our mind, we use toilet to cleanse our bowels and bladder daily, we change engine oil in car every 5000 miles. We sweep the floors and cleanse the dishes in our homes daily. We do spring cleaning around the house and remove, discard broken trees and garbage every year.

Similarly our institutions, religions needs to be cleansed periodically. This is usually done by reformers or social activists or concerned citizens. A reformer points to the problem and helps us accept that there is a problem that needs addressing and purging. It is for each one of us to accept that need to change and bring the needed change. This process is a must for any progressive organization or religion. Religions that are static and refuse to change for better decay and die. The ones that accept the problems adapt and change with changing needs for the better,  flourish and live for ever. The purpose of this cause is to bring the issue to focus and stimulate your thinking. Then we will all be witnesses to the unfolding of a change towards the truth and greater good.

How do we decide what  needs to be changed and what needs to be purged is the question? Any thing that is causing disruption of harmony and unity in an  orderly society, dividing the society and causing problems needs to be addressed and purged.

The caste system by birth worked well in yester years of agro based rural India for a long time. However it is causing more harm now by dividing India and destroying unity of its population. It is depriving a sect of population access to knowledge of the scriptures, by saying that Sudras are not permitted to chant Vedas and Gayatri, preventing their entry into temples, forbidding them drinking water from the same wells, not permitting them living next to us. This practice is against the very tenets of our great religion, Hinduism. Hence, it is our responsibility as Hindus to cleanse the body of Hinduism from the divisiveness of caste in our society, hence this attempt. Let us join hands in this yajna of purification. Hinduism is the most inclusive religion in the world that has all the characteristics of a Universal Religion. It proclaims:

“Vasudhika Kutumbam – World is one family”.

“Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu – May all the people in all the worlds be happy”.

“Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanthi – Truth id one, learned call them by different names”.

Hinduism believes that all religions are facets of the One Truth (GOD).

It proclaims that different religions are different rivers that ultimately merge into the same Ocean (GOD).

While this is so, it is the mis-interpreted, mis-understood, selfish practices that brought out the human weaknesses to come out and taint this otherwise lofty religion. This accumulation of garbage of mis understandings happens in all religions and it is for the wise in each religion to periodically address these issues squarely and maintain the sanctity and purity of the religion and its practices. This cause is an attempt to do that. This is not to blame others or other religions. This is an attempt at self purification. The need to self purification is not unique to Hinduism. All religions periodically have to do this like dredging and cleaning up the rivers.

Christians who decry caste system are the ones that practiced racism that caused slavery of blacks in USA. Even today the black and white Christian churches in the country are segregated, while Jesus taught Love of each other. The practice of Apartheid by the Christians in South Africa is similar human weaknesses at its worst. Islam has similar problem with mis-interpretation of Jihad that is responsible for most of the terrorist activities in the world.  Buddha was against idol worship, but after his death, his followers are worshipping his idol.

Who has to correct these practices related to human weaknesses in religion?  Leaders of these religions themselves have to correct these practices. The very religions that practice these inhuman practices come to India and exploit weaknesses in our practices and try to convert them into their religion instead of trying to put their house in order by curbing racism. It is not the religion that is at fault, it is the practices that are at fault. It is the human weaknesses that restrict their expansion to experience oneness in creation are at fault.

Having said this, my effort is to set our home in order, refine our practices, and sanctify our religion and to take Hinduism to its true effulgence. When we do that the masses that converted to other religions, because of discriminatory practices in Hinduism and by the incentives offered for conversion will come home to Hinduism by its own attraction and strength. No promotion is needed for this. Hinduism is a lofty Universal religion that is a guiding light for spiritual seekers from all over the planet. It believes in LOVE ALL and SERVE ALL. Let us be ourselves, the pure selves. Let us understand, experience and proclaim that that there is only one caste – the caste of humanity. Please sign the cause and proclaim that WE ARE ONE.

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