Moderation is the middle path. It is a path between the opposites. This is a path between dwiita and adwaiita. This is the path of stitaprajna. This is a path of moderation. In this path we travel and function in the world, but not off the world. This is functioning with mind in the Himalayas and hands in the world. This is also functioning with the heart leading the head and hands.

Buddha meditated for 12 years on extremes and discovered the middle path is the way to salvation. Everything in nature follows middle path. Inside our bodies this middle path is called homeostasis. For example in bones there is a balance between bone production and destruction. There is a balance between blood production and destruction.

Truth usually lies in the middle. As long as we are functioning and seeing one extreme or the other, we have not touched on truth.  Functioning away from extremes, functioning with harmony with both extremes is the middle path. This also called sama-darsana, samyak darshana. The person who attains this state is called Stita Prajna. This state is described well in 2nd chapter of Bhagavad Gita.

Balanced people are happy people, contented people. These people maintain equanimity. They are well centered. They are like the center of a hurricane. In the ever changing world these are anchored to Atman. In the ever changing world, they are anchored to the changeless Atman.

These Stita Prajnas are a blessing to the world. Their presence contributes peace and joy to the world. They promote human values and uplift humanity.

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