Creation is division and organization from unity and oneness. The one cell divides into many. Many cells organize into different groups of cells to perform defined tasks as organs, for the common good of the whole. Each cell and organ has to remember its source of oneness and unity in order to function to its full potential and be healthy. This is the very nature of creation. This division, separation and organization are beneficial as long as the common good principle (Dharma) is the central theme of all its activities. When it becomes selfish (Adharma) and feels that is better and superior than other cells and other organs and tries to outgrow at the expense of others it is called cancer. This is detrimental to the organization, to that group of cells and ultimately to that cell also.

Each cell and each group of cells as an organ should always maintain the attitude of oneness and unity in order to perform its dharma properly. This is constant inbuilt integrated awareness of oneness of each cell that drives its activity. When it forgets that, it becomes a diseased or cancerous cell. We have 100 trillion cells organized into 1000 organs (13 major) that work for the common good of our body. This is the story about our own body and how it is organized and works. When it works harmoniously it is health and minor disharmony is disease and major disharmony is cancer.

Our presence and functioning in the society is very similar. Each one of us is unique and has taken birth from that oneness. We group ourselves into a particular group or the other to perform some common functions. This organization nature is inbuilt in all of us as an intrinsic nature.  Ultimately all our actions should be towards the common good and unity principle. Awareness of this common good principle (Dharma) and oneness is constant integrated awareness (CIA) and forgetfulness is dysfunction and ego (Adharma).

What does our own body teach us? It is okay to grow in number and it is okay to organize into different groups for coordinated functioning purpose. But all these divisions and formation of various organizations has to be for the purpose of the common good only. Anything to the contrary is cancer to the society.

This principle has to be remembered by all of us. We organized as NRIs from India, then as Telugus, then by region, then by district, then by caste and then by families. As our numbers grow these divisions keep growing. It is okay with these divisions as long as it contributes to the common good of humanity. When it doesn’t these diverse groups is a curse on the society and to themselves.

Thus each person, each group, each organization should do introspection and see whether they are functioning to the greater good of the society or not. If they are only functioning for selfish reasons, these organizations and groups are a cancer to the body of humanity. This kind of distorted thinking  is what resulted in 9/11 and Hyderabad incidents. Therefore we should never forget our common humanity. We are One. All are one.

Dharmam (Common Good) Saranam Gatchaami

Sangham (Society) Saranam Gatchaami

Buddham (Buddhi, the Atmic reflection) Saranam Gatchaami.


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