Judging others is an easy task. It is a defect. When we see defects in others and feel like passing a judgment – Hold off and see if the same defects are in oneself also. If the answer is affirmative, use this as an opportunity to correct those defects and be a better person. Thus the defect of judging others tendency can be used for self improvement. Remember that the WORLD IS A MIRROR IN FRONT OF US. We see ourselves in others. We attribute our defects on others. Hence this self correction  is more important than judging others.
Pointing finger at others is easy. Turning that finger towards oneself is self analysis. It is one of the most important elements in spiritual growth. When some body insults you, responding (reactively) in kind does not do any good to you. In fact it  is harmful. If the same insult is used for self analysis and to see if you have insulted anybody in similar circumstances. If the answer is yes, try to make rectification in your attitude and actions, so that you become a better person. Thus all happenings, all weaknesses  can be used for this self analysis that will help one transform into a better human being.

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