Journey Home – Journey of Water

Waters wherever they are belong to the Ocean. It evaporates and forms theclouds. Clouds rain. The rain that falls in the deserts evaporates severaltimes to rain again and again. When it rains into pools it forms lakes thatremain for a while and re-evaporate. Finally when it rains on the hills ormountains and in Himalayas they form the rivers. Once these rivers are formedthey travel is only in one direction. Whether it is the Ganges, Brahmaputra,Krishna, Godavari, Mississippi, Missouri or Nile, it travels only in one direction, towards the Ocean. They overcome incredible obstacles in theirjourney towards the Ocean.

They are called by different names and during its travel aquire different characteristics of taste and color depending on the soil it travels over. However once it merges into the mighty Ocean, it loses all its varied names and become one with the Ocean. It submerges all its individual characteristics and acquires the characteristics of the Ocean that is the saltiness.

This is also our journey. We are born from Unity that isDivinity, become part of the diversity. We lose our memory of our source (marapu/forgetfulness/maya). We were the hills, trees, fish, amphibians, loweranimals, higher animals in past lives. Just like rain falling on the hills, when we become the humans, the pinnacle of creation, our journey is only towards the Divinity,our Home.

Knowingly or unknowingly we are all in this incredible journey towards home. Since our source is Infinite, we crave for bigger and bigger things, but travel in the wrong direction. These bigger things provide us fleeting moments of joy, but followed by disappointments and despair. Soon through disappointments with our outer searches, we finally turn inwards either through guidance from inner Guru directly or through the direction of outer Guru who points to the Inner Guru.

This is the beginning of Spirituality. This inward searchspeeds up the spiritual journey and finally when the impurities (Arshadvargas)are dissipated and ego is submerged, the pure soul merges with Divinity. This is the end of all restlessness and answer to all questions of life and living. When this happens there is absolute peace, unending happiness (Ananda) and Bliss.World looks to be a beautiful colored tapestry. One feel connected to totality of creation and Universe. One sees the world in new light. This is opening of third eye, Viswaroopa Darshan or Atma Sakshatkar.

After reaching home most people still function in the same world but with a different attitude. There is a paradigm shift in their thinking and consciousness. They still function in this day to day to day world with families, friends and work. They work as custodians of God’s trust to their families, friends and to the society. Their work becomes their worship.These are walking liberated souls (jeevanmuktas). These are a blessing for their families, friends, work and to the society.

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