Jouney Of Life – Part3: Forgetfullness to Awareness

Our life starts with forgetfulness of our past lives due to MAYA. Our birth is the result of Karmic baggage. Karmic baggage is of three kinds, Prarabda, Sanchita and Agami.

Prarabda Karma is wiped out by going through. Sanchita and Agami Karmas are burnt by Jnana (full awareness).

Constant Integrated Awareness of our true nature that we are one with the totality of creation (Unity) is Realization, Nirvana, Ananda or Bliss. Once we reach this stage, then there is no more birth or re-birth.

The journey that starts with forgetfullness (MARAPU) ends with full awareness of our true self (ERUKA). In essence “Life is a journey between Marapu and Eruka.

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