I saw on NDTV a video clip today where an 8 month old infant and her mother were hit and run by a truck in public busy street of Jaipur, Rajasthan. As both mother and infant lay injured and bleeding to death, the husband desperately sought help from pedestrians and drivers. No body, nobody cared to stop and help. Ultimately the mother and infant bled to death. This was a preventable death of two people if somebody had compassion to stop and help.

Similar story with the Delhi rape victim. As she was lay naked road side no body stopped and helped including the police. The other day in Tenali, AP similar story. A teenager was physically harassed by 6 men in front of her mother. When the mother intervened, she was pushed in front of a moving truck. She died of injuries. All this happened when a Sub-Inspector of police was watching amusingly.

What is happening to my India and its people? Are they losing their humanity  and their souls? That too in a country with culture that proclaims to the world lofty ideals of Vasudhaika Kutumbam. Are our preaching limited to lips only?    Stop and think INDIA. What is happening to your humanity and human values?

When things go wrong, the true character of people and the country come out.  In all these instances, why do people not respond humanly?  What India preaches to the world is followed more by the rest of the world than us. This is a collective shame. In a country that is supposed to be materialistic, see how people responded and showed their humanity. Learn from New York and Boston. Character and humanity of a country comes out in tragedies like these. It is about time India and Indians ask themselves these questions, respond and be their true selves.

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