Most prevented terrorist acts in the world are due to infiltration and interception of communication. India should focus on these two areas.
Another problem area is non-coordination between center and state. It is advisable that India to consider to start single department to handle terrorism similar to Dept of Homeland Security in USA. All public populated areas and intersections should have CC Cameras to monitor suspicious activity or to catch people after an incident. 
Terrorism is a reality of today’s society. We should handle it with seriousness and with enough human, monitory, technical, law enforcement and intelligence resources. With every incident in India, leadership descends on site to declare ex-gratis and to declare that they will take steps to prevent further incidents. This was done in Mumbai incident by Mr. Chidambaram and current incident by Mr. Shinde. But incidents keep happening. Proof of pudding is in eating.
Wake Up India. People lives are serious business. One life lost prematurely is too many. One does not need to reinvent the wheel. Do at least what successful countries are doing in this area. Internal security is first priority of a responsible Government.


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