We use the words good and bad in judging people and their actions. What is this good and bad.  How do we determine which is good and which is bad?  This is the question commonly asked by most. This becomes more difficult since one person’s good id another person’s bad and vice versa. Then what is good and what is bad?

This I found is easier if we take the approach that is basic and fundamental. Let us take the approach of the Truth. “Trikala Bhadhyam Sathyam” Truth is something that does not change with three states of time (past, present and future). The only one that satisfies this definition is Brahman. This means that this world of variety in an illusion projected on the screen of Brahman. This projection is called illusion or Maya and the screen is called Consciousness or Brahman.

This means to say that oneness and unity is the only Truth and what we perceive through our senses is only contemporary reality like the Sun-rise and Sun-sets. Sun really has no rise and set. It is the earth that goes around the Sun that makes us feel that there is a morning sun-rise and an evening sun-set.

Similarly the fundamental definition of good and bad is also based on this absolute Truth of Oneness and Unity in creation. Based on this, anything or any act that takes us towards Truth is good and that takes us away from Truth is bad.  To make it simpler, anything that that unites us is good and that anything that (in the name of race, color, religion, caste, creed or nationality) divides us is bad. This is the basic definition of good and bad that I try to go by and found this help me in all situations.

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