Thyaga is the  only way, one reach immortality says Upanishads. What is immortality. It is state with no death and no birth. It is  a state of fullness. A state of full expansion to our full potential.  What is restricting us from this full expansion?  Limitedness is the obstacle and hindrance. Air in the balloon is limited and restricted air. Full expansion of air in the balloon is to become one with air out side. The restrictive element is the balloon. If we puncture this balloon, the air inside becomes one with the air outside . This fullness is full expansive state of this air.

Similarly our “I”ness “My”ness is the balloon that acts as the restrictive factors for our full expansion.  This “I”ness  and “My’ness is called Ego (AHANKAR). This is mind’s identification with body. This ego had some initial purpose in our lives. That is survival. This is what we inherited from the animal kingdom.  Ego is a survival tool. It helps to get an identity, protect ourselves and survive in competition. In today’s world it gives self confidence to think, plan and execute and excel. This gives the drive to succeed and excel. So far it is helpful and it is the very  purpose of ego.

Humans are much more than survival. We will not be satisfied with survival and livelihood. Our restlessness still remains till we attain full expansion and reach our full potential. We desire bigger and bigger things. We desire for more and more money in the bank. We desire for more and more happiness. The reason we crave for more and more, bigger and bigger things is because our source is infinite. Our source is unending happiness,  ANANDA. This craving is nothing but the desire to reach our source, our home. Only problem with this desire is, it’s is mis-placed towards the wrong direction.  Instead of towards real  infinite fullness, it is towards finite things. It is not addressing the true limiting and restrictive element  in us.

That restrictive element that needs to be addressed is the EGO. When balloon is ruptured air reaches full potential. When ego was burst, Amrutatva is attained. This is what Upnishads are saying. This ego piercing (bursting) is the final frontier in spiritual journey.

To cross a river, one needs a boat. Once one reaches the other shore,  one should not carry the boat on his back. The one that helped you cross the river will become restrictive for your further journey. One should  leave the boat and move on freely.  Thus we need to leave the ego that helped us to get through livelihood, and move on to reach our full potential (JEEVANA PRAMAVADHI) by leaving it or discarding it.

When it is said that only through sacrifice one reaches immortality, most people think that sacrifice is material things that we possess  like money. It is the ego (AHANKARA) they are talking about. When we say ego we are talking about ego that is restricting us, not that level of ego that gives self confidence.  In reality Full self confidence comes from egolessness in Atmic state. Atmic connection gives infinite potential, knowledge and energy.

Na karmana na prajaya dhanena
tyagenaike amrta tvamanasuh
parena nakam nihitam guhayam
vibhrajate yadyatayo visanti

Neither by actions, nor by (acquiring) progeny and wealth, but by renunciation alone is immortality attained. That Supreme State is far beyond the highest heaven, and the sages perceive it, hidden in the cave of the heart, shining brilliantly therein.

How do you recognize ego free state.  It is recognized through modesty and humility. Egolessness is humility. End of education is Character. Sign of education is Humility. Fragrance of education is goodness. Any act of us towards (through) sacrifice is our journey towards our full expansion. It is not a loss but a gain.



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