Friendship is the highest in relationship. For this reason it is put as the eighth step in Navavidha Bhakthi before Atma Nivedanam. Bhagavad Gita is selectively revealed only to Arjuna among the Five Pandavas since Arjuna is also a friend of Krishna in addition to be a relative.
In all relations including between partners in marriage, between parents and children, friendship is the best relationship.
Let us analyze why this is so. In friendship there is best to and fro communication. One shares with a friend things not shared with even parents. It also has closeness and a higher level of intimacy where one can be themselves without any formalities, We can count on our friends and there a higher level of commitment, trust. Concern and compassion is in built in this relationship.
7 “C”s of Friendship:  Communication, Commitment, Comfort, Closeness, Concern, Compassion and Connectivity. Embedded in friendship are all these seven elements to make it the best of relationships.
This being so, we should aim at developing friendship in all our worldly relationships as well as in our spiritual relationship with Divinity. When we attain that state it means that we have perfected in human relationships in the world and perfected our relationship with God.

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