Creation starts from Oneness (seed) called Brahman. This seed of the cosmos has all the variety in cosmos in dormancy and it has all the intelligence of creation in an inactive form called Hiranyagarbha. The first thing that happened is the thought of creation (light and sound). This thought is a vibration called pranava, primordial sound or OM. Then Space (akasa), air, fire, water and earth came in. These are called pancha bhootas. Ist Inanimate objects , then the plant kingdom, then aquatic animals, then amphibians, lower animals and higher animals. Then as a pinnacle of creation homo sapiens, the humans came in.

Till the humans are formed, creation followed Darwin’s theory of evolution with survival of fittest and natural selection. Humans are endowed with a discriminating mind called intellect (Buddhi). While the rest of creation go through the programmed dharma as instincts, the humans were created with some freewill through intellect where he can choose to follow Dharma or go against it and pay the consequences. He can realize his source and merge with the Divinity or keep re-incarnating and going through the cycles of birth and death. But after the human being, the pinnacle of creation was born, the further evolution is through a process of stilling and purification of mind. It has three stages in purification. One can choose and deteriorate into a Danava with cruelty and violence or to animal man with thick ego that functions in reactive mode or remain as human in reflective mode with intellect or evolve into Divinity with revealing mode.

The reactive mind reacts with instincts is like the animal mind, works at the level of survival, the next phase is the reflective mind that uses discrimination. This is unique for humans and through this one can discriminate between good and bad. It is a reflection of Atma, though some what still distorted. The clarity is dependent on the level of purity. The third phase is revealing mind, which is fully transparent to reveal Atma through revelation, spurana with absolute clarity. This is the state of full evolution of human being into Divinity itself. Thus a human becomes, what he chooses to become. He can deteriorate to become a Danava man or an animal man, by clouding the mind with addition of karmic baggage and increasing arishadvargas. We can become persons with humanity by sharpening the intellect or evolve into a Divine man by purging the karmic baggage and arishadvargas. Attaining Divinity is our full potential of human birth.

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