If we take our own body and what it does, it should be example on what we need to do with cultural traditions and religious rituals. Body takes in oxygen and discards the carbon dioxide. We take in food in bulk and discard the waste and unwanted. Let us think about the scenario where in we keep the waste also, then this body becomes toxic and it is death to the body. In cultural practices, religious rituals, Puranic stories and in pravachanas by religious leaders, we need to use the faculty of discrimination and separate essence from non-essence.  We then need to take in the  essence and discard the waste and non-essential.
If we take in the non-essence it will cause delusion and confusion. Thus it will take us away from the goals in spirituality. Unfortunately they come in mixed and it is our task to separate and take in what is good. GOOD and BAD and they way to separate is already dealt with in detail in a prior blog.

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