Every speck of creation is permeated by consciousness. We are a wave in the ocean of cosmic consciousness created by the winds of pending desires. When there are pending desires (persistent waves caused by winds of desires)  each receding wave merges into an oncoming wave to become a new wave (reincarnation). When there are no desires the wave merges into the calm serene ocean of satchitananda sagara (moksha).

It is the seed form of Divinity.  It is like the stem cell that can manifest into any form of creation (any type of cell). It is Truth that is pluri-potential, from which everything emanates (created). though which everything is sustained. Into which everything dissolves. This is Sat (truth). This is Chit (awareness). This is Ananda (bliss). This all pervasive consciousness lies in the human being as “conscience” (inner voice or inner vision or third eye).

Birth  is   when this  all  pervading  consciousness  creates  the   vibration  (prana)  in food (sustenance)  for

all the life to  manifest  (annadbhavantu bhootani).  At the  time of death the gross body merges into the five

elements of nature.The subtle body (mind) with it’s  baggage of pent up desires (reincarnation) desires lingers

in subtle plane ( Astral Plane) till it finds suitable body to be born to satisfy it’s desires. The causal body

(atman) merges into  the  consciousness (paramatman).

The cosmic energy and cosmic sustenance  permeates in all of creation. All humans are  made up  of this

consciousness  as  conscience,  with  al l the  elements  of  creation, sustenance and dissolution in built in  all

 the processes of life.  Everything  in  the creation and cosmos is embedded in every human being and in

 every cell. He is made up  of same substance as the cosmos.. All the attributes of Divinity are applicable

equally to human also; hence he can say Aham Brahmosmi, that he is God.

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