From one germ cell ectoderm,, endoderm and mesodermic organs of various kinds are formed. Similarly from unity (Hiranya Garbha – Brahma) the world of diversity with trigunas (satwa, rajo and tamas) were  created. Thus every speck of creation has the primordial substance, intelligence and energy embedded in them.

Thus the microcosm and macrocosm are are alike. Several groups of cells in our body work in unison and cohesion for the common good of the body. They all derive their nourishment from the body and work for the good of the body. Their welfare depends on the welfare of the body. If any cell or group of cells forget the common good principle and out-grows selfishly, it is called cancer. This is self destructive for itself and to the total body.

Our lives should be modulated based on this common good principle (Dharma). We derive nourishment from the society and should work for the common good of the society. Our wellness is dependent on the wellness of the society.

This is the Nishkama Karma of Bhagavad Gita and the Sagham Saranam Gatchami of Gwotam Buddha. Any other way is cancer to the society and is self destructive to the individual and harmful to the society.

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