Indian civilization is the only living ancient civilization that is still existing on earth. While the Babylonian, the Nile Vally, Chinese, Roman, Geek civilizations flourished and died, the Indian civilization is still alive and well, flourishing in India. What are the elements of Hinduism and its culture that sustained it from the vigors of time, from the onslaughts of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and others. There are several Hindus that believe the enemies of Hinduism and Bharatiya culture is other foreign religions like Islam and Christianity.

It is a fact of history that Muslim invaders destroyed the Hindu temples and looted wealth of India. There is some damage done to the body of Hinduism by the evangelism and conversions promoted by Christianity through incentives. However greater is the damage caused to the body of Hinduism by Hindus through disunity, through ignorance of the tenants of Hinduism and its culture by Hindus themselves. Thus the enemy is not outside, but within us. There are five strengths to Hinduism that sustained it, protected it, in spite of numerous attempts by competing foreign religions and cultures to destroy it.

These unique qualities are its sustaining life blood namely: 1. INCLUSIVITY: It’s inclusiveness to respect all other religions is its very character and strength. It believes in the principle that all religions are like the rivers that merge into the same ocean of Divinity. It is not mere tolerance, but genuine respect. 2. DIRECT EXPERIENCE: It’s emphasis on direct experience of all seekers. It is an experience based religion, not a book based or a prophet based religion. It believes each seeker to be a Moses and get their own ten commandments through direct experience. 3. COMMON HUMANITY: It seeks welfare of all of humanity as “vasudhika kutumbam”. It prays for happiness of all the beings in the world.

It believes in universal brotherhood. 4. DYNAMISM: It is a continuously evolving religion and continues to take good from all sources. Hence it is ever new and adjusts to times and places. 5. POSITIVITY: Positivity is its hallmark. It never talks in negative language and does not use fear tactics. Negativity is foreign to Sanatana Dharma. Many well intended staunch Hindu leaders are useing alarm tactics and negative statements with an intent to protect Hinduism from these outer enemies of Hinduism. Sometimes blinded by the constant negative thinking, these well intended individuals and organizations, do unintended damage to their own religion by going against the basic unique tenants that protected Hinduism all these centuries.

They go against the grain of inclusivity, positivity and expansive love. Hatred and narrowness, exclusivity and constriction is against the very nature of Hinduism. Hinduism without these five qualities invites self destruction. Any damage in numbers caused by conversions is because of the man made impurities that crept into Hinduism like caste system by birth and our forgetting the common humanity of Hinduism. Let us review the things we as Hindus need to do to rejuvenate and strengthen Hinduism by promoting its strengths.

1. Promoting unity among Hindus. 2. Propagate knowledge about Hinduism among Hindus. 3. Promote positivity, inclusivity, common humanity and direct experience. 4. Bring awareness on the mis-understandings about caste system and work for a casteless society. 5. Promote self confidence and self esteem of Hindus by making them aware of the glory and uniqueness of Hinduism. It’s inclusivity is its exclusivity. 6. Promotion of leadership and values through education to youth. These are the things that every committed Hindu has to understand and promote. Each of us should be a participant in this yajna of rejuvenation of Hinduism. When Hinduism flourishes, the universal brotherhood of mankind and common humanity is restored in the world. Let us protect and promote Hinduism by the above six steps.

What is good for Hinduism is good for the world. It is one religion that promotes Oneness and Unity in society.

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